Tools & Information

In order to prevent youth misuse of substances, we all need to work together as a community. Check out the trusted resources below, an contact us to get involved with local prevention efforts.

Impaired Driving

Youth who combine substances and driving put themselves and others at great risk. The good news is there are plenty of things community members can do to prevent this dangerous combination; from recognizing the riskiest driving conditions for teens, to encouraging parents to set up a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement, or encouraging policies that have been proven to reduce risky youth driving. Visit the CDC Teen Drivers page to learn more!

Fentanyl Awareness

The safe use of prescription drugs is important for health and well-being. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office have found fake prescription drugs that contain fentanyl. Most students in our community do NOT misuse prescription drugs. For safety tips and more, click this link.

Partnership to End Addiction

The Partnership to End Addiction has a lot of information, tools, and support for preventing or addressing substance misuse among youth. From a helpline and peer support, to information and coaching.

The Family Resource Center of Central Oregon is a local non–profit agency serving Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook Counties with a wide variety of resources for parents and grandparents of children of any age. “…Because kids don’t come with instructions”. FRC is also the local “hub” for parenting education and support. Get connected to over 25 tri–county organizations working together to provide a variety of programs and activities for families.

The Addiction Policy Forum has a lot of valuable tools and information for parents, from videos about how addiction works, types of substance use disorder, and how to stop stigma.

Click here to download the “10 Things Parents Can Do” PDF.

The Parent Toolkit is an online drug and alcohol prevention resource for parents. This website also has a Spanish companion site (En Espanol).  There are How–To’s, a drug guide for parents, a grandparent’s guide and much more!

Below are some links to trusted sources of information on common challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and tools to address them.

Click this link to go to the COVID-19 resource page.

Articles And Information

Facts About Alcohol

Alcohol is a drug. It is the most commonly used and widely abused drug in the world.

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Legal Consequences of Underage Drinking

The State of Oregon takes underage drinking very seriously. There are eight different Oregon Revised Statutes devoted to this issue.

Oregon’s Alcohol Laws & Minors

Prescription Drug Misuse/Abuse/Overdose

When properly used, prescription painkillers can be effective tools for managing discomfort  and assisting with healing. However, if abused, they can be lethal. Know how to prevent and respond to an overdose to help save a life.

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Successful Party Hosting for ages 21+

For parties where guests are 21 years or older, here are some tips for keeping alcohol consumption in check. Remember, furnishing alcohol to minors is both illegal and harmful. These tips are provided for parties for the 21+ crowd. Offering alcohol at your party comes with responsibility – get informed and take action to prevent binge drinking.

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