The Coalition

Who We Are

The Shared Future Coalition is a cross-sector group of community members, with a common mission:

Empowering youth to reduce substance misuse through inclusive and equitable engagement, community education, and policy.

What We Do

We work together on solutions that support our vision for a safe, healthy and prosperous community.

We invite you to learn more about the impacts of substance misuse and the powerful opportunities we have for prevention. Join us and start making a difference today!


The Shared Future Coalition recognizes that substance misuse impacts all aspects of Deschutes County, from the individual to the family to the community.  With accessibility, diversity, and cultural responsiveness in mind, the following values are embedded into all of our prevention efforts:

  • We value safe, healthy and legal behaviors involving substance use.
  • We value our community’s future by creating sustainable practices which reduce health and societal costs stemming from substance misuse.
  • We value the health and well-being of all people, recognizing that the health of our community and economy is dependent on the health of individuals.
  • We value community stewardship which fosters safety, economic development, a productive workforce, and a higher standard for both public and private environments.
  • We value the healthy, fun, and active lifestyle in Deschutes County and the economic leverage gained from healthy behaviors.
  • We value civic and social accountability of citizens, organizations, agencies and businesses.
  • We value education and training opportunities, and the ability for people of all ages to succeed academically and socially.
  • We value relationships among individuals, within and among families, and between varied arrays of community partners.
  • We value a strategic approach to preventing substance misuse which maximizes the return to our community. This may include addressing other potentially addictive behaviors that can intersect with substance misuse, such as gambling, video gaming, and digital screen use.

Shared Future Coalition Board Members

Coalition Advisory Board Members provide oversight, implementation, and evaluation of the Shared Future Coalition’s strategic plan. Members may live in any community within Deschutes County. There are 12 designated community sector representative seats and six at-large seats on the Advisory Board. Meetings are held quarterly, with committees or community-level teams meeting more frequently based on project need. If you are interested in joining our advisory board or attending a meeting please contact us.

MaCayla Arsenault

Central Oregon Health Council

Program Manager

Susan Bethers

Oregon Parks & Recreation Department

Region Director

Jim Boen

High Desert Education Service District

Regional Director of
Mental & Behavioral Health

Larry Brown

Oregon Liquor & Cannabis Commission

Marijuana Regulatory Specialist

Erika Carman

Central Oregon Community College

High School to College Navigator

Vanessa Churchill

Oregon Dept. of Transportation

Region 4 Transportation Safety Coordinator

Kathy L. Gardner

Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies (CASAT)
University of Nevada, Reno

Northwest PTTC Senior Project Coordinator

Lt. Eric Hagan

Bend Police Department


Cady-Mae Koon

Oregon Employment Division

Quality Control Analyst

Sue Meyer

Cascade Security Inc.

Vice President – Human Resources/Owner

Jess Neuwirth

Deschutes County Health Services

Prevention and Health Promotion Supervisor

Amy Nortrom

Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice

Behavioral Health Unit Supervisor

Shared Future Coalition Staff

Deschutes County Health Services staff provide technical assistance and coordination for the Shared Future Coalition.

Crystal Sully
Deschutes County Health Services
Shared Future Coalition Coordinator
[email protected]

Lauren Wood, MPH
Deschutes County Health Services
Community Health Strategist
[email protected]

Youth Committee: Teen Community Health Advocates (TCHA)

Teen Community Health Advocates (TCHA) is a sub-committee of the Shared Future Coalition, made up of high school students in Bend, committed to preventing substance misuse amongst youth. Projects and meetings are youth-led, and new members are always welcome! To learn more or get involved, please contact [email protected]

We would love to partner with you in this important work! Join us today!